Right Way of Migrating To New Hosting

by Administrator13. March 2013 22:43

Our friends from JaguarPC shared some useful information for our users.

How to Enjoy Stress Free Web Hosting Migration

While server migration is nothing like as straightforward as many hosting companies would have you believe, it isn’t exactly the most difficult thing in the world, either.  Like many things in life, they key sits very much in how you prepare for the event itself. Your overall objective for migration might be to cut your hosting costs, get a better service, or grow your web traffic. During the migration process itself, however, it should be to get it done and see minimal, if any, downtime, meaning that your website’s regular visitors or customers won’t experience any disruption, or even notice any differences at all.

Regardless of your reasons for switching hosting plans, ensure that all of these tips and steps feature in your thinking as you plan your move.


You might be leaving your current hosting provider because their services are substandard, or you have not enjoyed the promised performance levels, but having a professional relationship with them will help to make your server migration easier. Whether it is accessing all of your data or keeping your site active while you migrate, your soon to be former provider is likely to be central to a stress-free migration experience.

Finding a New Host

It is likely that you know what you are looking for in a new host, so we won’t bore you with things such as ‘get an uptime guarantee’ or ‘avoid things that appear too good to be true.’

One thing you should look out for, however, that many don’t, is the assistance that your new company will give you during the migration process. Many hosting companies now take care of the whole process on your behalf, which can be useful if you have been unable to clench your teeth and smile enough to satisfy our advice from earlier.

Take Some Time

Prior to the migration itself, you should look to spend some time getting familiar with your new host provider’s control panel and content management system. What is the point of signing up to a great deal to cure your ills, only to find that you have no idea how to update your site or make the most of any add-ons or applications that they have available for your use?

While many companies will have a tutorial function, we recommend delving into every aspect of their services so that you are up and running, and ready to move forward, as soon as you migrate.

Back Everything Up

Even with the greatest level of planning, things can go wrong, and if you give them the opportunity to, you can almost guarantee they will. Protect yourself at every turn, and ensure that all of your website data, content, design aspects, and any other details are backed up onto a local computer.

Problems are less common than they used to be as companies and individuals have become more competent at managing server migration, but happen enough for you to know that it is not worth the risk.

Enjoy stress free server migration, your customers will see no difference, and your site and business will be moving forward in no time.

About Jaguar PC - it's the original leader in VPS hosting, providing excellent web hosting with reliable network and free-domain transfer

Pingoscope's Top Hosters - February2013

by Administrator6. March 2013 20:55

This is monthly rankings of reliability of hosting companies' websites. Everybody wants his web sites to be up all the time. Sadly but that's not always the case. Most of the reliability comes from the hosting company, we give you the rating where you can see what hosting companies are solid as a rock and what companies are far from it.

Of course you can say that checking company's site isn't the same thing as checking clients of the company. But usually hosters run their sites using their own infrastructure, at least large ones. So if hosting company's website fails couple times a month, it's unlikely you can count for better service for your own sites.

Company NameNumber of OutagesOutage hh:mmUptime
Alphabetical order in case of equal uptime. 

For most of the hosting providers February was a good month uptime wise, but some of them took a deep dive and got record breaking downtime.

If you are a hosting company and you want to be included in this rating, contact us at sales@pingoscope.com

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