New notification type - Skype

by Administrator11. December 2012 15:44

We're glad to introduce a new way we can notify our users. Now you can use Skype messenger to receive Pingoscope alerts. It was highly requested feature, most probably due to the fact that Skype is the most popular messenger in the world. It's available on the desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones with iOS & Android on board and even on some advanced TV sets.

In order to be able to get Skype notifications you need add our service bot to your contact list. It's name is "". You will also be able to get those alerts if your Skype was set to allow messages from strangers.

The convenient thing about Skype alerts is that it doesn't clot your email box and you can easily get history of notifications just by looking at the history of chatting with "" account.

Please, send your thoughts about this feature to , we're always glad to hear from our users.

Pingoscope Top Hosting Providers - November 2012

by Administrator7. December 2012 13:43

This is monthly rankings of reliability of hosting companies' websites. Everybody wants his web sites to be up all the time. Sadly but that's not always the case. Most of the reliability comes from the hosting company, we give you the rating where you can see what hosting companies are solid as a rock and what companies are far from it.

Of course you can say that checking company's site isn't the same thing as checking clients of the company. But usually hosters run their sites using their own infrastructure, at least large ones. So if hosting company's website fails couple times a month, it's unlikely you can count for better service for your own sites.

And even if hoster didn't provide you with 100% uptime, it doesn't mean you've been deceived. Most of the hosting companies guarantee at least 99.9% - 99.95% uptime, and 99.9% means your site can be down for more than 40 minutes a month.

CompanyNumber of OutagesOutage hh:mmUptime
Alphabetical order in case of equal uptime. 

In November WebHostingPad crossed half a year without downtime, pretty impressive. Codero got it's 7 minutes of downtime in the very end of the month and couldn't get 100%, but still, 99.98% is excellent. Also we've added one new company to the rating - FireHost and it got very good performance.

If you are a hosting company and you want to be included in this rating, contact us at

New Feature - Contacts

by Administrator7. December 2012 12:02

We're happy to introduce new feature of Pingoscope – contacts. Contact is an aggregation of ways of communication – email, phone number, Skype.

Now every user of our service can create one or more contacts and assign them to your tasks. Each task can have several contacts to notify and each contact can be assigned to unlimited number of tasks. This way you can easily manage your notifications, especially if you have many tasks.

For example, if you have tasks related to your work and tasks related to your hobby, you can create two contacts – 'Me_Work' and 'Me_Hobby.' 'Me_Work' will have your work phone number assigned and will only notify during on week days. 'Me_Hobby' will have your personal phone number assigned and will notify you during weekends. As another example, if you have work on some project with other people, you can create contact 'MyCoworker' with appropriate email\Skype\phone data. Now, if any of your joint tasks fails, you and your coworker both would be alerted. You can organize that with just a few clicks. Please, log in to your account (or join our service) and check out this new feature, we're waiting for your feedback!

  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited SMS alerts
  • Unlimited email alerts
  • Up to one minute check intervals
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly performance reports

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